Four Common Elbow Injuries and Their Treatments

Whether your elbow injury is an acute one-time injury or the result of repetitive injuries and repetitive motions over time, there are several different things that can cause elbow pain. For most elbow injuries, physical therapy, braces and/or slings, and time are all that is required for healing an elbow injury. However, for severe injuries, surgery may be entertained. There are some alternative treatments to surgery as well. 

Ligament Sprain

The elbow is made up of the joint, cartilage, muscle, tendons, and ligaments. The ligaments attach the muscle to the joint. When the joint becomes strained through repetitive motion or overdoing it athletically, the ligaments can become pulled or torn. This is called a sprain, and it most often heals on its own with time and care. 


Bursitis is most often caused by repetitive movement done over and over for months or years. Within the joint are bursas, which are pockets of fluid that cushion the joint. When these become inflamed, they can cause considerable pain and limited movement. 

Tennis Elbow

In spite of the name of the condition, more than just tennis players get tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is simply the term for the elbow condition in which the tendons in the elbow are torn or pulled due to overuse. Tennis elbow can also become serious like ligament sprains and may require some additional treatments.


While not technically an injury, arthritis is a common cause of elbow pain. Arthritis wears away at joints, limiting mobility and causing pain when using the joint. There are thankfully several treatment options for coping with arthritis in the elbow and other joints.

While physical therapy, rest, braces, and time are all that is required to heal most elbow injuries, some severe injuries may entertain the idea of surgery. If you are wanting to avoid surgery, there are some alternative treatments that may be available. These include the use of stem cell therapy and PRP, both of which we do in our office. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.