Three Steps to Choosing the Right Brace for You

When you have a joint injury that requires you to rest the joint and take care while it heals, you will probably need a brace to support the joint and prevent further injury. Some braces are worn for months or years, while others are worn only while an acute injury heals. Your doctor will be able to tell you the right type of brace for your injury. But if you are just trying to control joint pain and weakness, you can choose a brace to help you. Here are some steps to choosing the right brace for you.

Determine the Injury

It is important to first determine exactly what the injury or problem with the joint is before getting a brace. Different braces are designed for different injuries. For example, a knee brace with a closed patella is sufficient for most dull knee pain, but those suffering from knee cap (patella) injuries and weakness will need a brace with an open patella. There are many other instances in which the type of injury determines the type of brace.

Measure the Joint and Limb

Whether your doctor is prescribing a brace or you are buying one for yourself, you will need to measure the joint and affected limb. Many braces are designed for people with uniform body mass and those maintaining a healthy weight. If you are overly muscular, you may need a bigger brace. If you are overweight or have extra fat on the affected limb, this can also affect the fit of the brace. If the brace doesn’t fit properly, it will not be able to provide support, and it could affect your circulation and healing.

Wear as Directed

While you don’t want to wear a brace 24/7, you should wear it the majority of your waking hours. At the least, you should use the brace anytime you will be using the affected limb or joint to ensure that further injury does not occur. If your doctor prescribed the brace, make sure to follow his or her instructions.

If you have been having joint pain, it is important that you have it addressed by a medical professional. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.