Foot & Ankle Reconstruction

So much of your mobility and quality of life relies on your feet and ankles functioning as they should. When pain, soreness, or numbness affects one of your feet, it’s hard to take your mind off of it and simple tasks may suddenly require tremendous effort. Not to mention all the social events you will miss out on because you can’t be on your feet for too long. Luckily, for residents of Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, and Port Charlotte, Dr. Guzman and his team of orthopedic professionals treat all kinds of foot and ankle issues. By focusing on nonoperative treatments that promote whole-body wellness, Dr. Guzman has many satisfied foot and ankle pain patients in Florida.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Many issues can cause pain, aching, and numbness to the feet and ankles. Some common causes of these symptoms may be due to:

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Stress injuries
  • Overexertion/Overuse
  • Tendon injuries
  • Ligament injuries
  • Flat feet
  • Sports related injuries

No matter what the cause of your foot or ankle pain, Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine has the resources, tools, and team to correct the issue and help you live a life with less pain.

Approach to Care

Dr. Guzman and his support staff treat each patient as an individual, not an injury. By actively listening to patient concerns and providing ample patient education, Dr. Guzman leads the patient to an informed choice about their own care. This empowers the patient, giving them pride and ownership of their health and well-being.

Dr. Guzman views you as a treatment partner, not just a patient. Through relationship building and trust, the team at Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine provides targeted, person-centered care that works.

When surgery is required, you can trust that Dr. Guzman has the training and experience you want in your foot or ankle surgeon. He has worked and trained all over the East Coast, learning from the best orthopaedic surgeons in the United States. After surgery, Dr. Guzman and his team will prescribe a postoperative plan to get you back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

If you are living with any type of bone or joint pain, Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine provides the treatments you need and the respect you deserve. Call us at (941) 485-1505 or contact us online to schedule your foot or ankle consultation today.