Why Surgical Solutions to Joint Pain Might Not Be the Best Choice

Ever hear someone in pain say, “Just cut it off and be done with it!”? When you live with chronic joint pain for years or even just months, it can be very easy to relate to such a sentiment. Sometimes when surgery is presented as an option, it is tempting just because you are promised it will eventually stop or cut back on the pain.

But joint surgery isn’t always the best option. When you go through joint replacement, you also have a hospital stay, physical therapy, and weeks or months of recovery. Yes, joint replacement surgery does often resolve chronic joint pain, but at what cost?

Another problem with joint replacement is the durability of the replacement joint. Replaced joints are usually only made to last about 15 years. If you’re only 35, that means you would have to have another joint replacement at 50, and another when you retired at 65. The longer you can put off joint replacements, the better off you are.

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