Exercise Tips to Avoid Joint Injury

When you cope with chronic joint pain, it can be very tempting to stop exercising altogether. Stiff joints, diminished flexibility, and increased pain can greatly discourage exercise among many people. But if you need to reach or maintain a healthy weight, exercise plays a key role.

But if you exercise, won’t you hurt your joints further? Not necessarily. Here are a few tips for avoiding joint injury when starting or changing your exercise routine.

Go over all exercises with your doctor.

You should never start or change your exercise routines without first talking to your doctor. Your specific medical conditions and physical limitations may affect the type of exercise that you should be doing. There may be some big no-nos that you need to be aware of to avoid injury. It is much better to take the time to talk to your doctor than to take things into your own hands.

Pain is not gain!

Even though we have heard “Pain is gain!” since 1985 in Just One of the Guys (an iconic movie). But when it comes to managing chronic joint pain, it really is the worst advice you could get. If you’re doing a movement or exercise that causes new or worsening pain in the joint, you should stop immediately. Call your doctor before continuing to do the exercise. 

See Your Doctor If You Suspect Injury

If you do suspect that you might have further injured your joint, contact us immediately for an appointment. The sooner you get treatment, the more likely it will not be a severe or limiting injury.