When You Should Be Worried About Shoulder Pain

The shoulder has a complex anatomy with multiple joints, muscles, and tendons. This intricate structure of the shoulder makes it particularly vulnerable to injury. But as with many types of bodily pain, it can be difficult to know when it merits a visit to the doctor. 

Here, we’ll cover the main forms of shoulder pain and how to identify shoulder problems that need medical attention. As experts in shoulder pain treatment, the doctors at Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine can help identify the root of your shoulder pain and an appropriate course of treatment. 

Shoulder Pain That Shouldn’t Cause Concern

If you play overhead sports or engage in other activities that put strain on the shoulder joint, such as lifting overhead or throwing, minor shoulder pain is common and generally shouldn’t be a source of worry. These activities can cause mild inflammation in the shoulder that should go away with rest and at-home treatments, such as icing the area and taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications.

When To Receive Medical Attention for Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you experience one of the following types of shoulder pain, you should be checked out by a skilled orthopaedic doctor:

  • Shoulder pain that’s persistent and lingers even during everyday activities could be a sign of a more serious shoulder injury, such as a torn rotator cuff or arthritis.
  • Shoulder pain that doesn’t improve after a month of treatment can indicate a more extensive problem with the joints, muscles, and/or tendons.
  • Shoulder pain that you experience at night could be a sign of a rotator cuff injury, tendonitis, or bursitis.
  • Shoulder pain that radiates to the neck, back, or arm could indicate a nerve injury.

When you first notice persistent or radiating shoulder pain, you should schedule a visit with our trained orthopaedic team. Treating the issue as soon as possible will reduce your risk of a serious shoulder condition and prevent the need for invasive treatments.

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