Important Limitations During Joint Recovery

If you have recently had an injury to your joint, or you have recently had joint surgery, you have a long road of recovery ahead of you. In order to heal properly and quickly, it is important that you observe the limitations that your doctor lays out for you during your recovery. Pushing yourself too hard to resume normal activities could result in further injury and additional surgery. Here are some of the most common limitations during joint recovery.


It is very important that you exercise, even if you are experiencing some joint pain. Your doctor or physical therapist can help you determine the appropriate exercise for your condition. Generally speaking, low impact exercises such as swimming or bicycling are ideal for those in joint recovery. Your physical therapist may also have some additional exercises for you to do to help the joint heal. Remember that movement helps keep your joints from becoming stiff, which can cause additional pain. For this reason, it is a good idea not to avoid exercise completely.

Weight Limits

Depending on the type of joint injury you have, you may be given a weight limit to how much you are able to lift during recovery. It is important that you follow any weight restrictions that your doctor imposes on you. Lifting too much weight too quickly can cause further joint damage. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about what your weight restrictions entail. You may be surprised at how much certain things weigh. For example, if you are given a 5-pound weight restriction, you cannot even lift a gallon of milk, which weighs 8 pounds.

Movement Restrictions

Your doctor may also place movement restrictions on you based on your joint injury or surgery. While some movement is necessary to keep the joint from becoming too stiff, you may be required to wear a brace or sling that immobilizes the joint for the majority of the day to prevent reinjury. If you are given braces or slings, it is important that you use them as directed.

If you have recently had a joint injury or need joint surgery, contact us today for an examination and appointment to discuss your case.