Three Ways We Attempt to Avoid Surgery for Your Orthopedic Condition

No matter what joint condition you are facing, no one wants to be told that their only option for healing is surgery. Often when other conventional treatments fail, doctors turn to surgery as a possible solution, yet sometimes the decision to do surgery is made hastily. There are a few additional treatments that we can undertake in the attempt to avoid surgery if at all possible.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are amazing. These cells are the building blocks for the body, and they are responsible for the body’s ability to heal itself. We offer stem cell therapies that harvest stem cells from your own body and inject them into the affected joint or area of injury. The stem cells prompt the body’s natural healing processes.


PRP, or platelet rich plasma, can be used with stem cells or as a stand alone treatment. Platelets contain a certain type of protein that is effective in promoting healing. Blood is drawn from your arm, spun in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the platelets, then the platelets are suspended in your own plasma and injected into the affected area.

Physical Therapy

Often stem cell and PRP therapies are complemented by physical therapy. While the stem cells and PRP work to promote healing, physical therapy will help you maintain the mobility and stability you have while strengthening the joint structure so that as it heals and is able to sustain more stress.

If you have been told you are looking at surgery but you want more options, contact us today for more information or to schedule your initial appointment.