Do I Need a Partial or Total Knee Replacement?

If you have been suffering knee pain for years, you are ready to finally be taken out of your misery. When NSAIDs and corticosteroid injections no longer bring the relief you need, a knee replacement could be your answer. Knee replacement can be completed as a partial or total surgery. Each type of knee replacement offers its own benefits depending on the current condition of your knee.

Restoring Your Movement With Knee Replacement

Knee pain has many potential origins including acute injury, arthritis, overuse, and infection. While medications, physical therapy, and injections are frequently used as non-invasive ways to improve the condition of the knee, surgery is often the only long-term solution. This is especially true for people with arthritis who are suffering from a diminished quality of life due to confined range of motion and intense pain.

When Is Partial Knee Replacement the Answer?

In cases where only a confined region of the knee is injured, a partial knee replacement can be completed to minimize the extent of the surgery while still replacing the damaged portion of the knee with plastic or metal parts. Since this operation only alters the injured portion of the knee, the recovery process is usually shorter and easier.

Makoplasty partial knee replacement surgery is an innovative procedure that utilizes robotic technology to replace the diseased part of the knee and preserve the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it. This FDA-cleared treatment is ideal for patients who suffer from osteoarthritis damage in the inner knee, because it can be performed through an incision only ¼ of the size required for total knee replacement surgery. Makoplasty makes it possible to experience significant pain relief and return to an active lifestyle within just weeks of surgery!

Do You Need a Total Knee Replacement?

The knee is separated into three main compartments. If two or three of the compartments become injured or damaged by arthritis, a total knee replacement becomes necessary. This involves replacing all surfaces of the knee with metal or plastic devices. This extensive surgery requires about 8 weeks of recovery time before patients can return to work and daily activities, but that time can be very worth it to help permanently alleviate chronic pain and restore function to the knee.

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