How We Exhaust All Options Before Scheduling Surgical Procedures

Some orthopedic surgeons jump to surgery as a solution for everything from range of motion issues to chronic pain. Unfortunately, many of these procedures are largely unnecessary. We do not like to put our patients through surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. Here are some of the options we will exhaust before we start talking joint replacement.

Physical therapy

Although we do not offer physical therapy in our office, we do recognize that it is a great treatment method for relieving chronic joint pain and strengthening the joint to try to avoid surgery. 

Stem cell treatments

We offer stem cell therapy at our practice because we believe that stem cells are the future of medicine. The treatment requires us to extract stem cells from your own bone or fat. The cells are processed in a way that readies them to work on the damaged tissues of the joint. These stem cells are injected with PRP (platelet rich plasma) into the affected joint. 

Stem cell treatments can help the body use its natural healing processes to at least stop the progression of arthritis, if not reverse it in some cases.

Minimally invasive surgery

If your joint has some damage such as loose bone fragments or ligament tears, surgery might be needed, but it doesn’t have to be a joint replacement. We can do an arthroscopic surgery that involves only a few incisions and limited recovery. This procedure is outpatient, and you don’t have the same pain and limited mobility that you’ll have with joint replacement.

Ready to try our stem cell treatments in an attempt to avoid orthopedic surgery? Contact us today to schedule your appointment.