Dr. Noah’s Approach to Treating Patients

Joseph Noah, M.D.Experienced in Professional Sports Associations
“I’ve been practicing sports medicine for over a decade. I’ve served as a team physician for both a Major League Baseball team and an NFL football team.  Using this knowledge and insight, I’ve been able to help thousands of people find lasting pain relief and recover from injury quickly.  Although I stay on top of new procedures, newer doesn’t always mean better.  I also like to stay with proven procedures with the highest record of success.  I want to continue giving our patients the care and treatment they need and deserve.”

My Vision of Patient Care
“My goal is to provide top-quality orthopaedics to as many people as our practice can handle.  I’m always here for them.  I’m very big on the little details, and I believe attention to detail creates the best care.  Despite my education, some of the most important things I’ve learned about being a doctor haven’t come from books; they’ve come from my patients’ concerns.  Taking the time to listen makes me a better doctor.”