Dr. Chan’s Approach to Treating Patients

Get to know the person 
“Being a physical therapist has impacted my approach as a surgeon to every person I meet in the office or the hospital.  Therapists are blessed to be able to spend time getting to know their patients over days and weeks.  This creates a special personal bond between the patient and the healthcare provider that makes accomplishing a goal so satisfying.  It is this joy in being a teammate of the patient, to achieve that common goal together, that motivates me to do what I do.”

Do No Harm
“My rehabilitation background guides my philosophy of trying all conservative nonsurgical treatments first, whenever possible.  It’s the safest course, allows both of us to get to know one another, and just plain good medicine.  Sometimes, conservative treatments fail and surgery is the best available option.  I always operate with the postoperative recovery in mind, and I use minimally invasive techniques to facilitate the rehabilitation afterwards.”