Stem Cells

What are stem cells and what is regenerative medicine?

The use of any substance derived from a living source to treat or prevent disease is often referred to as a “biologic treatment.  Treatments involving the use of cells, plasma or growth factors in orthopaedics are often referred to as orthobiologics. We use the term “regenerative medicine” in describing these treatments that utilize cellular therapies, including stem cells, growth factors (platelet rich plasma) and scaffolds.

The medical community is still in the early stages of learning about the use of orthobiologics and the role that stem cell treatments can play. Compared to other traditional medical treatments, these regenerative medicine treatments have fewer clinical studies because of the relatively recent development of these technologies. At Suncoast Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine we continue to follow all available clinical studies regarding these treatments, so we can provide evidence-based ethical regenerative medicine treatments.

Currently we do offer stem cell treatments as an option for the treatment of certain soft tissue problems and degenerative joint conditions.  At your appointment we are happy to discuss the risks and benefits of these newer treatment options in effort to educate our patients on the role that regenerative medicine may play.