2023 GORC Powerpoints

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GORC Intro 2023



MRI Findings in Asymptomatic Populations

by Paul H. Lento, M.D.


Importance of the Surgeon-Therapist Relationship

by Derek Cuff, M.D.


Hip Instability after Total Hip Replacement

by Jeff Silverstein, MD, FAAOS


Achilles Tendon Ruptures

by Patrick J. O’Neill, M.D.


I had a total knee replacement, why am I still in pain…

by Edward Stolarski, M.D.


Robotic Total Knee Arthroplasty

by Joseph Noah, M.D.


ACL Rehabilitation

by Daniel S. Lamar M.D.​


Low Back Pain’s Missing Piece

by Dr. Eric Sundberg


Rotator Cuff Repair: How to Rehab and Avoid Mistakes

by Derek Cuff, M.D.


Outpatient Total Hip Replacements

by Sean Dingle, M.D.


Outpatient Joint Replacement

by Arthur Valadie, M.D.


Total Ankle Replacement Or Ankle Arthrodesis

by Javier Guzman, M.D.


Advancements in Shoulder Replacement

by Derek Cuff, M.D.